PM Expo is the only show I am doing this season as it is the only one with a meaningful quantity of high quality board members in attendance.

thumb Beth
Business Development Manager, Management Company

I've been doing this a long time, and PM-EXPO is the best at delivering real decision makers, year in, year out. Plenty of managers, and more association boards than anyone.

thumb Tom
Business Development Executive, Landscaping Company

Thanks for PM-EXPO, it's always a productive event.

thumb Peter
Director of Marketing & Sales, Engineering Company

I exhibit at a lot of conferences but truth be told, if I could only do one, there's no question. PM-EXPO.

thumb Mitch
Association Collections Company


The classes were nice, terrific speakers. I also liked the exhibitors and even found someone to redo the asphalt in our HOA.

thumb Saul
Community Association Volunteer

Wow, PM-EXPO is always fun. I get my CEUs and get to find new vendors.

thumb Janice

I just joined my board and got invited by my property manager. Everyone was so nice, and now I feel informed. Thanks for hosting this excellent conference.

thumb Miriam
Community Association Volunteer

I'm also on the board where I live in New Jersey. Too bad there's nothing like PM-EXPO there.

thumb Tony
Community Association Volunteer