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Booth fee includes 2 Booth Representatives. Additional booth representatives will be charged $50 each.
Check with your sales rep for early-bird terms. Non-early-bird balance due by 01/05/2022. Date for show is subject to change.

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We understand this application becomes a binding contract when accepted by PM-EXPO. We agree to abide by the Terms & Conditions, the information outlined above and those in the Exhibitor Kit. We agree to abide by specific exhibit set-up and tear down schedules as arranged by Property Manager Pages Inc. and facility. Property Manager Pages Inc. and facility reserve the right to rearrange the floor plan where necessary in order to facilitate a successful traffic flow, security and safety of participants and patrons. We hereby hold Property Manager Pages Inc. and facility harmless from any and all liabilities arising from our participation in the exhibit. Reservations cancelled prior to January1st 2022 will be charged 15% of their booth fee. Request for refunds after January 1st 2022 will not be granted. CANCELLATION REQUESTS MUST BE IN WRITING to Property Manager Pages Inc.

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