MARKETING & SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIESInvestmentBoothAd in ProgramSignage at the ShowMention in the ProgramShow Bag InsertLogo on RSVP Webpage
Abracadabra - 1 avail - iPad - Visit booth for Ace of Hearts raffle entry$750     XX    
Hocus Pocus - 39" Flat screen - Visit booth for King of Diamonds raffle entry $550     XX    
Presto - iTouch - Visit booth for Queen of Clubs raffle entry $350     XX    
Coffee (2 available)$750     XX    
Pastry (2 available)$750     XX    
Lanyards/Badge - You provide the lanyard & badge $500       X    
Show Bag sponsor - You provide the bags - Minimum 750 bags $0 ea       X    
Chocolate Fountain (1 available)$750 ea     XX    
Potion sponsorship - Visit booth for 1 drink ticket redeemable at the concession stand $750     XX    
Alakazam Sponsor -Logo on front cover of Program Guide, Register to Attend web page with a link to your site & promotional material (limit 3) $1,000   XXXXX
Park your wrapped company vehicle at EXPO entrance $750            
Magnificent Magician Sponsor- have a magician spend 15 min performing tricks at your booth attracting a crowd (4 available) $400     XX