11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Commercial Roofing 101
Greg Wallick, BEST Roofing
Roofing & Property Management, 1 CEU (OPP)

Commercial Roofing 101 is a demonstrative class focusing on the principles of roofing and their relationship to property management. We will discuss the different roofing systems; advantages, materials, and various concerns regarding roofing; and common problems associated with roof failures and how to identify them. By looking at common designs and problems as well as the different testing methods available to help you identify failures and damages, you will come to further understand roofing components and be able to interpret signs of problems. Best Roofing will share our experiences with you through case studies of our observations and testing experiences.

A second generation professional roofing contractor, Best Roofing's President and CEO, Gregg Wallick knowledge and passion for the industry is the driving force behind Best Roofing's outstanding reputation, growth, and success.

As a former captain of the Miami Hurricanes football team, Gregg believes the principles that were taught and the ambitions that were fueled back in college still hold true. The qualities of dreaming, reaching for and achieving success that are fundamental to excelling in sports translate perfectly into the business world and life in general. Under Gregg's leadership, Best Roofing has grown into one of the largest, highly respected commercial roofing companies in South Florida. The team at Best Roofing now in its 35th year, continues to share that same enthusiasm and passion for achieving success.

Gregg is a University of Miami graduate, holding both his undergraduate degree in business administration as well as his MBA. Professionally, Gregg has served as the past director of the National Roofing Contractors Association and retains numerous licenses in the roofing field. He is a frequent contributor to Roofing Contractor and serves on the editorial advisory board. Gregg has long been an active member of many non-profit organizations and currently serves as Chair of the Board of Trustees for Keiser University and Everglades College.

Gregg is especially proud of being a husband and the father of six children, three dogs, and five cats. He and his wife, Liz, live in Plantation.

About Best Roofing: Since 1978, Best Roofing has served South Florida's commercial, industrial and multi-family housing community on roof repairs, restoration and replacement. Best Roofing has become one of Florida's most respected roofing contractors by upholding a customer service philosophy that makes customers want to do business with us again. We apply the most exacting standards in materials and workmanship; use the most highly trained professionals in the industry; and offer an iron-clad guarantee that a Best Roofing project is water-tight and built to last.