10:00 - 11:00 AM
Martin Applebaum, Driveway Maintenance
Earn 1 CEU (OPP)

Martin Applebaum explains current laws as it pertains to parking lots. Recognize the areas where you can make improvements in order to help accommodate persons with disabilities in your condominiums, HOA's and apartment complexes. Find out what will become law after March 15, 2012, specifically regarding signage and detectable warning surfaces.

There are over 51.2 million people in the US who have some level of disability - 18 percent of the population. According to a recent AP poll, 1 in 6 baby boomers are expected to live into their 90's. According to a July 19, 2011 article in The Miami Herald, Florida was one of only seven states with a median age over 40. Florida has five of the top 10 cities with the highest median age and our elderly population is growing at a faster clip than our 19-younger population. As our population continues to age, these numbers will increase. ADA compliance is not only something you should do for others - it's for yourself as well.

Martin Applebaum is the LEED accredited GM for Driveway Maintenance, a full service paving contractor serving Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and the Southeastern US. Mr. Applebaum has over 20 years instructional experience, including analyzing, recognizing and demonstrating various aspects of the paving industry and teaching this to salesmen as well as customers. Mr. Applebaum is a graduate of University of Miami and has worked at Driveway Maintenance, Inc. from June 1987 to present.